Safety Switches Sunshine Coast

Safety Switches Sunshine Coast

We Provide Quality Safety Switches on the Sunshine Coast

Safety switches ensure your Sunshine Coast property is electrically safe. Our Sunshine Coast Projects & Electrical team has provided quality and dependable electrical services since 2015. We have what it takes to ensure your electrical system operates as expected. Our electricians stand above others when it comes to customer service. We are fully insured and offer a 12-month warranty on all our work. Our team believes in providing transparent pricing to give customers all the information they need before deciding.

Our exceptional customer service and professional workmanship are second to none. We work closely with our clients and offer free advice to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Our electricians have extensive experience in externally auditing electrical systems to identify faults. We will point out electrical installations that do not comply with Australian wiring rules and present hazards that might impact your safety. Our team will issue a written report outlining the faulty areas and offer a priced solution to solve the issues.

Protect Your Family on the Sunshine Coast with Our Safety Switches

A working safety switch takes a fraction of a second to cut off an electrical leakage and protect you and your family from harm. We use electricity daily, making it easy to take electrical power for granted. However, accidents can happen, and prevention is better than cure. Installing safety switches on your Sunshine Coast property will help you prevent leaks that can cause significant injury or death. A safety switch monitors the electricity flow in a circuit. The switch remains inactive, allowing electricity to flow through the system. However, it cuts power immediately when it detects a fault.

Sunshine Coast Projects & Electrical ensures your home or business adheres to Australian law, which states that every building has at least one safety switch on every switchboard. Our electricians will work with you whether you want installation, repair, maintenance or testing. We will help you protect your family and property from electrical fires and electrocution.

Safety Switches Sunshine Coast
Safety Switches Sunshine Coast

Contact Us for Safety Switches on the Sunshine Coast

Although safety switches are mandatory in Australia, older homes might not have these protective products. As such, calling our electricians to audit your electrical system is crucial. You can benefit from having multiple safety switches in your Sunshine Coast home. You can run different power circuits off separate switches if you have multiple safety switches. This enables you to protect specific circuits that pose a higher risk, like power points used for a hairdryer.

Electricians recommend having your safety switches tested regularly instead of finding out the hard way if your switches are working. Our team is available whenever you want to test your safety switches. Remember, the law requires you to call a licensed electrician to install all safety switches. Installing a safety switch yourself increases the likelihood of electrical injury. Call our experts today to install or ensure your safety switches are operational.

Do you want more information about installing or inspecting safety switches on the Sunshine Coast? Please call our team today.


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